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at ginnybakes, our passion is to create outrageously delicious and nutritious treats for everyone to enjoy. we believe that your body deserves the finest ingredients, so we work tirelessly to bring you the best we can find. our certifications aren’t just for having a logo on the box. we are gluten-free, organic, non-GMO, vegan and kosher because we believe in quality and excellence. there’s nothing more important than nurturing the body and mind so you feel great.

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passion, love, balance, all baked in.

from our kitchen to your table, we create baked goods with you in mind.

whether sharing with a friend, on the way to a yoga class, or looking for a treat that fits your dietary needs, ginnybakes is here for you.

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  • gb cookies

    from classic chocolate chip, to our decadent double chocolate happiness, find a ginnybakes cookie that satisfies your sweet tooth. we know you’ll love them.

  • ginnybars

    perfect for a snack after yoga class, or an energizer between meetings, ginnybars are made with organic nuts, fruit, chocolate and spices. our perfect blend of nutrition and convenience.

  • gb bake mixes

    love the smell of fresh baked cookies? so do we. now you can enjoy making ginnybakes in the comfort of your home. browse our signature bake mixes, and find the one for you.

  • gb crumbles

    gb crumbles are a perfect way to start the day, or for that afternoon snack you crave. enjoy with your favorite yogurt, fruit or as a dry treat. we love it all ways, don’t you?

  • ginnyminis

    why is everything small so cute? it’s no exception for our ginnyminis. your favorite ginnybakes flavors, crafted into bite size snack-packs. perfect for your kid’s lunch or a treat on the run.

  • gb go's

    you’re favorite organic and gluten-free ginnybakes flavors, packed into cute little packs of two. great for a snack on the run, or easy to drop one into your kid’s school lunch for a healthy snack. they’re a double treat - tasty and convenient.

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gb fanmail

  • Your cookies are delicious! My 4 1/2 year old son was diagnosed 2 months ago with Type 1 Diabetes; I ran to Whole Foods and went crazy that first week trying to find lo-carb snacks/goodies… most importantly, things he could realistically enjoy. Well, he has your cookies for dessert quite often and so does the rest of the family. Thanks so much for creating low-carb options that are are DELICIOUS!

    - Ariana R.
  • We’re already in love with the ginnybakes cookies. I discovered the chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies at Whole Foods, and they make a fabulous gift for my sister, who is gluten-free. My nieces and nephews love them too – if you told them the cookies are gluten-free, they just wouldn’t believe you.  Thanks for making an absolutely delicious, healthy cookie! 

    - Liba M.
  • So glad I picked the box of the coconut oatmeal bliss cookies today. They’re just heavenly and truly melt in your mouth. Thank you for having the passion to pursue the best, organic ingredients yet not compromise on taste!! Absolutely delicious!

    - Maria G.
  • Just made coconut oatmeal bliss cookies at home. I thought the boxed ones were good, but oh my goodness, out of the oven, YUM!

    - Lisa L.
  • Tried your happy chocolate bliss nut and fruit bar from my goodie bag from the Chaarg #FITionista party and fell in LOVE! Cant wait to buy more! DELICIOUS

    - Angela T.
  • Love love love this product. I made the Chocolate Chip Cookies Gluten Free and Organic! The BEST!

    - Kelly K.
  • Score! Bought all the boxes Stop & Shop had. Great start to a Sunday morning.

    - Shanna M.
  • Our customers love your Coconut Oatmeal Bliss cookies!

    - Health Nuts
  • I met your delicious “dreamy vegan delight” last night at the Shecky’s event in LA. Wonderful! So wonderful, I added it to my “Products I love page” via my blog. Thank you again For a yummy Vegan and GF Cookie!

    - Kimberly B.
  • I’ve been Gluten Free for 3 weeks, and your cookies have helped me stay Gluten Free. Thank you for making a fabulous treat!

    - Kayla M.

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