The ginnybakes organics blissbox came into being after listening to the needs of our community, friends and family. With our ginny fans in mind, we’ve started a subscription based initiative where you can now receive monthly deliveries of your favorite cookies right to your doorstep. As always, our cookies are a one of a kind outrageously delicious, organic, and gluten-free treat!
Each box is customized based on the number of people in the household or dorm, and how often they like to eat cookies. So if you like to have an indulgence a day and you live in a dorm with 4 other people, our Mellowed Munchies box. But if you like to have cookies only once in a while in the mornings with your breakfast tea, our Simple Indulgence box.
Yes! Our dreamy vegan delight cookie is winner, just like you. Try our Simple Indulgence bundle too.
If you are unsure of whether to commit to a subscription, you can always buy a box from our regular shop before committing, or even subscribe to our smallest box.
We’ve got you. Head on over to our for your regular shopping experience. Don’t forget to look for discounts and deals!