Being active is a way of life

From your decision to walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, to your dedication to training for that marathon, it’s all about commitment to your body, mind, and health. Check out our tips below on leading an active lifestyle, and make sure to head to the team section to find out the ginnybakes organics team’s favorite workouts and playlists!

Your Starting Point

What to bring with you to the gym

A great gym bag can make all the difference. Pack a bite of protein, a water bottle, and some tunes to make your gym experience even more enjoyable. Fun workout gear is always a plus, as is a pair of sweet running shoes!

Looking the part

Most of us know about Lululemon, but have you heard of Upside? Ginny loves this brand. Switch it up a little. If you’re going for classic, Nike is always a great choice. Price conscious? Try Marshalls. Looking to splurge a little? Stella McCartney is for you.
For those of us who live in our workout gear and are often on the go, a pro tip is to throw on a pair of jeans and a stylish jacket over your outfit, and you are good to go!

Hannah usually wears her hair out in a curly twist-out, but when she heads to the gym or studio, all that hair goes straight up into a puff or bun! Sometimes she adds a colorful headwrap which serves to give her outfit an extra pop, while also soaking up sweat.
Ginny likes to braid up her hair at the beginning of the week, and lets it get more textured throughout the day.
Both of these styles keep your hair out of your face, which is important for the health of your skin as well as the ends of your hair.

Good options for pre-workout snack

Before working up a sweat and releasing those radiant endorphins that will brighten the rest of your day, it’s so important to start off with the proper fuel. That’s right. Food is fuel. When we exercise we use up both energy and oxygen. Without the proper fuel, we can abuse this system, resulting in unhealthy burnout.

You’ll want to fill your body with the right kinds of food before you exercise. Pre-workout food should be low in fat and moderate in protein and carbs. You’ll also want to ingest fluids that will cool you down as your body releases energy during your workout. If your workout is high energy, you definitely want to have a small bite of something, but remember to give yourself ample time to digest before heading to your workout!

Here are some options to start you off:

Have a peanut butter banana sandwich
Carbs are great for you prior to exercising. They release energy slowly during the span of your workout and the added bonus of the banana can give you an extra boost of potassium!

Dress up your date

Take a pitted date and lay it flat. Smooth on some almond butter, and add a drop of honey. This sweet snack packs just enough punch before a long endurance run.

Whip up a veggie scramble
Eggs are a great source of protein, and the addition of veggies gives you those complex carbs that you need to sustain you throughout your workout. This is perfect for intensive training or before a marathon.

After your workout, you’ll want to replenish with a good mix of protein and fiber. Try blending kale, blueberries, a banana, a bit of almond butter, and coconut milk. You’ll feel replenished without feeling bloated.

Our Favorite Ways to Get Active

The great thing about being active is there are so many ways of doing it! Some like to go to the gym every day, while others get their fix in the dance studio. Even if you don’t have a gym membership, you can check out some dance routine videos at home or go for a jog in a nearby park.

Our team loves to get active. While each of us are different, we all care about our health and wellness. We are a diverse and eclectic mix who all love to keep our bodies and minds in prime condition. Steve like bootcamps, Robert loves boxing, and Dani loves ballet. Find out more about our team’s favorite ways to get active and check out our “eclectic workout mix” here for some tunes that will get your blood pumping and have you ready for your next workout!


“I identify heart and soul as a yogi but I do more because I feel the body needs more. My favorite workouts are Jetsetter and Flybarre. People think that they are easy but developing these small muscles can make you so strong and powerful! And when I do yoga my body feels so good, so fluid, just right.”


“When I work out, I listen to a mix of music, I like to call my ‘current hot hits.’ I love bootcamps, like Legacy Fitness. The rugged down and dirty atmosphere along with the great environment really appeal to me.”


“I love Crossfit because it gives me the social experience that I need for a consistent workout routine, has different workouts every time so I avoid falling into a rut and allows me to track my performance over time.”


“I love to feel energized! My favorites are Barry’s Bootcamp and Orange Theory. I get more motivated when I’m with a group of people. Ginny and Steve’s son Kevin leads an amazing class in midtown at 6:40pm! It’s so much fun. Definitely recommend.”


“I love boot camps and circuit training. A good combo of light weights and high intensity works best for me. And, air squats for days!”


“Having been a professional ballet dancer in my previous life I would have to say that ballet is still my very favorite mode of exercise. I love it so much that it doesn’t feel like I’m exercising at all so I get to stay in shape by default.”


“My favorite workout these days is boxing. And interestingly enough, when I work out I don’t listen to music. I like to hear myself breathe.”


“I think I’ll try everything at least once. My favorite workout classes above all are hip hop dance workouts, like Miami’s Boss Chick Dance Workout and Vixen Workout. It feels so amazing to be getting fit while going with the flow of the music around me.”


“My favorite thing about Crossfit is that I compete with myself. The whole sport is based on repeat practice and technique, so it’s something that I can measure myself getting better at with each workout.”