our process


it’s a labor of love

ginnybakes products are the result of listening to our community, friends and family. we develop each recipe with you and your active lifestyle in mind. we start with the best ingredients on earth and end with a smile on your face. and boy, do we love that smile.

we exist to fulfill a need, and have the passion to deliver. have dietary restrictions? we got you. need a quick pick-me-up between classes? no problem. want a healthy, organic treat for your kids? we do too! ginnybakes are your go-to snack – on the run, in the sun, while having fun.

we only use the best ingredients

you deserve the best. you know it, and we live for it. 

we source organic, gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients so you can actually feel good about treating yourself. we call this a mindful indulgence. you’ll see what we mean. it’s that sparkle in your eye after taking a bite of our double chocolate happiness. it’s the spring in your step after a love and nuts ginnybar. our mission is to make sure your body gets the good stuff. this must be love.

everything is hand made

our team wakes up early. like, we wake up the rooster, early. but its not in vain, after all, who doesn’t love the smell of fresh baked cookies? right?

ginnybakes is incredibly proud of our artisan bakers. every day they expertly orchestrate our kitchen – combining, mixing, pouring- and with a watchful eye, make sure your cookies are baked to absolute perfection. their passion fuels the spirit and nourishes the heart of ginnybakes. this dedication is our sweet symphony to you.

from our kitchen to yours

nothing makes us happier than sharing. so when that last cookie box is sealed and loaded on the truck, there’s a rush of excitement. it’s a dream come true, every day. another sweet fulfillment, another mindful indulgence on its way to be enjoyed by you. 

we hope your friends and family love our bakes as much as we do. that would make us all warm and fuzzy inside.

(c) ginnybakes 2014