ginny•bakes noun \’gin\ ‘bākes\

:mindful indulgences for the health conscious and for “anyone else who loves a scrumptious bite.”

  1. cookie: ginnybakes, ginnyminis, cookie go packs. a. certified gluten free, organic, kosher dairy, *vegan.
  2. ginnybar: love&nuts; peace,love & apple; karma,love & apricot and happy chocolate bliss.
    • a. certified gluten free, organic, kosher dairy,*vegan
  3. bake mixes: scrumptious cookies, muffins and brownies.
    • a. certified organic, gluten free, kosher dairy and non-gmo project verified.

 My Story

ginny_smallThe life and love in every taste of a ginnybakes treat comes from the passion of one woman dedicated to health and happiness. The certified organic, gluten free, kosher dairy and non-gmo project verified line of baked goods have become a household name for anyone seeking to indulge mindfully. New York-born, Florida residing Ginny Simon’s exciting success story begins from the early years of her childhood, where two parents instilled a strength and commitment to relationships and love in a young girl with a remarkable future ahead.

The ginnybakes brand is built around one woman’s life. The youngest of three children, Ginny was raised in a bustling household, where she was always pushed to do her best. Her father was an encouraging force of support, always motivating his daughter to aim for greater. Early on in her childhood, Ginny picked up the talent for building recipes, identifying flavors, and making the kitchen a hub for conversation and beautiful food. Ginny decided at a young age that she wanted a lively household of her own when she grew up, one with a large family, dogs, and a tray full of cookies.

Until ginnybakes’ official start in 2010, Ginny built a great lifestyle at home, where she and the love of her life Steve raised four boys, each six years apart top to bottom. The vision of a home full of love and conversation came complete with two dogs, fresh baked goods in the kitchen, and a true nurturing environment of love. Ginny always enjoyed being a mother of four, a wife to a devoted husband with a successful career in law, but knew that there was something more she had to do with her life.

After raising her family, Ginny decided to take online courses with the School of Integrative Nutrition in New York City. By the time she graduated as a holistic nutritionist, Ginny ended up with a full clientele that she taught organic foods to. In her client list, she had cases of gluten intolerance and celiac disease, often dealing with stomach and digestion issues. Ginny was always reading books about whole foods and organic whole cooking and lifestyle, not realizing it would be research for her own brand. Ginny’s search for delicious and healthy gluten free options did not yield immediate success. She was not satisfied with the existing products in the marketplace. After boxes of other brands and several clients asking to make something of her own, Ginny decided to make a gluten free bake mix. How hard could it be?

Ginny had always been a natural cook, loving to cook in the kitchen for hours with the music on. She always believed in having some freshly baked good on her kitchen counter, to serve as a watering hole for warmth and conversation in the household. While coming up with the perfect recipe for an organic, gluten free bake mix proved challenging, distributing and selling the line was another task entirely. Ginny gave herself the personal deadline of April 2010 to get her product into a store, and if she couldn’t pull it off, then she would close up shop. She went to Apple a Day in Miami Beach – a stop she had frequented before, and was known there as a regular. The owner casually agreed to take some stock, and put them at eye level in front of store. At that time, she was only selling bake mixes. From there, Ginny continued with Epicure down the street, then got hold of a manager at Fresh Market – Eddie Neames, who opened a huge door for her. At that point, history began.

With the Fresh Market chain carrying her certified organic, gluten free bake mixes, and supportive professionals guiding her on how to navigate her new business, ginnybakes took off. Working overtime, Ginny learned to ask harder for what she wanted, and put all of her time and energy into promoting the brand. There was even a chapter in the ginnybakes history where Ginny would be delivering the product herself! Within a short time, ginnybakes found its way into Whole Foods stores, local health food chains nationwide, and began to build a strong web presence for on-line orders. Ginny’s husband, Steve, who had spent 26 years practicing law, decided to join his wife and take some of the pressure off her shoulders so she could continue focusing on the creative side of the brand instead of dealing with paperwork and additional work that comes with a fast-growing company. Steve had his success in law, and wanted his wife to have her time, coming through in a way only a remarkable husband can. By 2012, the gb engine that could took off and expanded from a line of bake mixes to cookies, biscotti, and Ginny had to build out her business into a new, 8,500 square foot facility.

The ginnybakes recipes start at the same place every time: from Ginny. The flavor combinations of favorites such as coconut almond bliss come from Ginny’s tastebuds to the baked good. Aiming for unique flavors and fine ingredients, all ginnybakes goods are sourced from the finest- organic goodness with zero gluten. After testing amongst family friends and doing small local demos, Ginny has refined her recipes to match the taste of not only her desires and dreams, but yours too. Much of the gb line has come inspired by the recommendations of the community, and always maintains a unique flavor. Take the cookies for example, they are crisp- sweet, but not too sweet. That slight tinge of sea salt in every bite? That’s a Ginny signature.

ginnybakes is clean and pure because of their certifications, so what’s left is only the finest. Ginny truly believes that you are what you eat, and that a gluten free diet is a healthier choice for the human body. ginnybakes is meant to be all-inclusive, which is why her product line includes kosher and vegan options- no one should be left out of the food revolution.

Family and community are key factors to the success of ginnybakes. To this day, Ginny’s husband Steve and son Michael work in the gb offices, running the day-to-day business, while Ginny remains hands-on with the people, and the food. Her energies are devoted full-time to the recipes, sales, marketing, PR, social media, and acting as the voice of the brand. Even with the expansion and her commitment to the company, Ginny makes time to honor herself and keep up a regular yoga regimen, maintaining bliss in all facets of her life. A proud yogi, Ginny’s routine is based on the Mysore style of Ashtanga yoga tradition, which she practices daily. All of her four boys have taken on similar approaches to having an athletic life, being active crossfitters.

The Facebook community is a very involved collection of devotees that she tries to be real and honest with, sharing personal stories and photos with her extended internet family. Ginny answers every e-mail herself, and personally maintains the company’s facebook page, keeping in touch with a loyal community of fans who enjoy the the taste of ginnybakes, and the story of Ginny herself. People, nutrition… these are Ginny’s strong suits and passions. While she is handling the creative responsibilities and travel obligations that come with being the face of her company, Ginny’s husband Steve continues to serve as the Chief Operating Officer of ginnybakes, and son Michael acts as the VP of Quality Assurance, taking care of the major sales and paperwork for the brand of non-GMO project verified snacks.

ginnybakes continues to thrive, becoming a nationwide brand name that is beloved by thousands across the country seeking gluten free delights. A company that was once one woman in her kitchen is now the size of an 8,500 square foot office with a staff of workers giving 110% to delivering a high-quality food that has passion and artistry in every bite. Authentic, real; ginnybakes is the fifth child in Ginny Simon’s loving family. Ginny’s goal moving forward is to reach as many people in the mainstream audience as possible, because she believes that everybody should be eating good food, regardless of income. The gb journey has been an honor for Ginny Simon, and she treats every day and every fan of of her baked goods as a blessing. Making ginnybakes an affordable, mindful indulgence that everyone can enjoy is a dream come true to her.